First dish on ISTE Standard for Students

I never knew that this organization existed. It’s great to know that there is an international community coming together with the goal of linking a community of likeminded folks that share a goal of improvements in educational technology. I appreciate that there is a mission statement that includes values and goals of these 4 major components:

Creativity and Innovation
Communication and Collaboration
Research and information fluency
Critical thinking, problem solving and decision making.

There is a basic membership fee of $125 that will get you webinar library, discounts on conferences, networks, access to job board and also newsletters. Sounds like a great deal for all that you are getting. There is also a free resource if you cannot afford to join. Another helpful free resource for teachers is the EdTekhub which contains latest articles about digital education. I checked out the regional directory for our state and it looks like it is the Washington Library Media Association.

I love getting professional development and learning about the latest educational products and tools. The ISTE conference will be in Denver on June 26. Conference rate is about $500 for non members (includes 1 yr membership).
The program looks like a huge list of great sessions. Who wants to go with me to Denver?