Successful Slate

I enjoyed working on this project so much and did not want to stop. The process of mediated conventional writing seem easy incorporating pictures and links to explain my story. It made the writing process fun because I am writing a story about me and explaining what I know firsthand. The topic is exciting and something that I am very interested about. I didn’t feel like I lost anything during the writing process. I did not have to be too wordy and didn’t feel like I have to explain  every detail because I inserted links and showed images. Visually I hope it looks inviting and colorful to the reader.  I hardest part for me was organizing my content, topics and ideas. This type of writing is more interesting to me than the conventional writing. It is interactive and more informative to the reader. For me as a writer, I gained more insight on how to deliver better information using other ways to tell a story.

My Career Goal


One thought on “Successful Slate

  1. Pavy,

    I loooooooved your mediated writing and the history of your family. I have also really enjoyed getting to know you this quarter! Your experiences and humor have definitely enriched our experiences. Hoping to have a class with you next quarter and June here we come!!!!


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