My new culture of learning

A month ago, I did that dreaded physical appointment with my doctor. After some urging from my doctor, I went ahead and allowed some lab work to be done. They did a complete blood count test and one of the results said that my  Ferritin levels were too low. Mine #s were 4ng/mL. This meant that I was anemic, super anemic! The regular and normal numbers range from 12-150ng/mL for females.   This meant that I didn’t have enough iron and prone to be tired all the time. My doctor called me up and wanted me to start an iron fusion where I would be hooked to an iv and given a liquid dose of iron. The news that I am now anemic was surprising to me just because I have always eaten meat and leafy greens. I was never a vegetarian and definitely not a super athlete. The reason I brought this up because this reminds of Tom’s story in our book, “A New Culture of Learning”  who had diabetes. He found a community of others going through the same ordeal at a website called Diabetes Daily. It was a valuable resource for him that provided a wealth of information that was even more helpful to him than the pamphlets given to him. I also utilized the internet to find more information about anemia and also to locate an online support group. My doctor is with UW Medicine and they  have a great online system that also provided great information too. I can log onto their system and email my doctor, set appointments and  review all my lab results. There is also a tab that lists my current condition that I can click on. When I click on Anemia, it pops up a video of what it is, the condition, symptoms and treatment. It’s definitely a great resource for me.  I am glad that hospitals and doctors are utilizing technology to help, educate and communicate with their patients better.


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