Resource for new teachers

Many of us will be graduating soon and will be working as new teachers in the K-12 setting. One individual that I think that new teachers should rely on for assistance is Shannon Holden. Follow him on twitter or check out his website.  He believes that students should have fun in their learning.  The reason why he resonates with me is the usage of a “flipagram”, similar to vine,  incorporating videos in lesson plans.  Some samples here. He has great resources for new teachers and offers free help.   I found his website very helpful. He will be offering a free webinar soon about the best 10 applications that teachers need to know in order to help their students learn. Besides offering recess time to play, I believe that teachers should provide more “fun play” using technology for students to learn. A great example of this is the Tabletop movie making that we got a chance to review.   All students learn differently and as teachers we should definitely considered all methods of delivery. Schools should provide Ipads for students too. As a parent, I think I will reach out to the elementary school that my kids attend to see if they are interested in having a demonstration of the Tabletop. I am going to see if I can also volunteer and be more involved. Teachers, what else can parents do to support the work that you do?


3 thoughts on “Resource for new teachers

  1. Love the “flipagram!” I know how much we love our big sticky “post-it” boards at our meetings. haha Anyway, these 30 second clips are such a great way for students to put together something they need to study. I saw them as note cards. They are so purposeful for sequential materials as well. Thanks for sharing this resource!


  2. Your title is catching my attention since I am going to enter to teaching field and I am nervous but also excited at the same time. Thank you so much for sharing this. This is very helpful.
    I am not sure why you said that schools need to provide Ipad for students. Dont you think it is unrealistic since Ipads are very expensive and there are so many students in school. As a parent, what is your best convincing reason to make school provide Ipad to students? I guess, one thing you can do is to convince the school to provide Ipad 🙂


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