Using Twitter and Facebook to save $

I admit I am pretty frugal. Being a student and having a family with 3 kids I am always buying things on sale or finding ways to save money.  I have utilized Craigslist for furniture and used appliance. I have the Entertainment and Chinook coupon books. I subscribed to Thrifty Mom and Queen Bee. Yes, I am one those people that do line up for Black Friday deals too. I was also fortunate to win a scholarship for my tuition last quarter. It’s easy to get discounts by using Groupon and Living Social too. I liked to use them before the expired date to get the best value.  This weekend, we happened to be in Las Vegas and finding a deal is essential because being on vacation is expensive. The only way I could afford coming here is using my miles to purchase the airplane tickets. For hotel, I took the Hilton Grande vacation presentation so I can get the $158 for a 4 days/3 night stay. My husband wanted to go to a club and listened to some music, cover charge was $35 a person. That was too expensive for me. I went online, liked the club on Facebook and followed one of the promoters. Via twitter, I messaged him and he got me on the guest list for free.   Even though I try to get the best deal on everything,  it was still pricey. I appreciate having Twitter and social media as another resource to find ways to save money. If you know other ways to save $$$, please let me know. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Using Twitter and Facebook to save $

  1. Wow! That is really good to know that we can use Facebook and Twitter to save money. I honestly never buy anything like plane tickets or using coupon online. It is not that I have money, I just do not know if those stuff are good qualities and poeple tell me you get what you pay. That makes me nervous since I am not familiar with buying stuff online.
    That is a really good idea that you can followers that promoters who can give you good deal. How do you know what group to follow and who are trustable promoters?

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    1. I hesitated too on the free cover charge for the club because it sounded too good to be true. I just did extra research by going onto Yelp and reading the comments and reviews on this club. Most companies will allow their customers that are on Facebook or their email list discounts first or offer free shipping because they want to retain their loyal customers. It cost $ for them to advertise to new customers. I do many of my transactions online. The only times that I got scammed was using Craigslist to purchase a ticket for a show or buying a used appliance. Overall I am pretty happy and feel safe doing so.

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