Transmedia Storytelling

I think transmedia storytelling is a great concept to deliver information and also to be used by teachers to teach their students. Everyone has different learning styles and this type of approach is visual, engaging and interactive. I like the case study sample given of the story of The Three Little Pigs utilizing, Twitter, via a blog, Facebook, games, podcasts, emails, videos and Youtube to portray each of the characters. It really makes learning more fun. When I was in high school, I really struggled with understanding Shakespeare plays. Remember CliffsNotes study guides? Had to buy them for each Shakespeare play in order to understand it.  Teachers could develop a transmedia version for Romeo and Juliet! I like the fact that it could be story based and you can use different forms of media to transfer the information. Even a huge company like Kimberly-Clark is using transmedia storytelling to provide cultural awareness training for its employees. See video.

The use of transmedia storytelling can also be cost effective too for companies since there is no classroom needed or travel involved. I think it is a very important platform/resource for teachers and companies.


One thought on “Transmedia Storytelling

  1. Hi Pavy,
    I also liked the concept of transmedia storytelling. I think it helps the audience remain engaged in the lesson! I think it is great that companies are using it is as a tool also, seriously, who wants to go to a boring training? People lose interest in talking like Jane mentioned in class, they need something to catch their attention and help them remember things!
    Nice job!


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