Using Dr. Google.

Rheingold’s chapter 2 of Net Smart really ties with what I learned in today’s class about the way Google returned its results. I found this interesting video of Rheingold talking about the credibility of information from the internet on Youtube (Google-owned).  I have always used “Dr. Google” and never realized that it was grabbing links that would not be the most credible or accurate information. When I google for something, I think that I am searching the entire internet for the most useful information. I am surprised tonight to find out that Google, my favorite search engine is using it’s own index of returning links. By habit,  I normally focus on reading only the first page of results.  It has definitely made me a little more cautious regarding the information that I am receiving. I still love and use Google. It’s fast and user friendly but I will validate the data by using other search engines or use advanced search features like entering years or exact key terms.


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