Using Dr. Google.

Rheingold’s chapter 2 of Net Smart really ties with what I learned in today’s class about the way Google returned its results. I found this interesting video of Rheingold talking about the credibility of information from the internet on Youtube (Google-owned).  I have always used “Dr. Google” and never realized that it was grabbing links that would not be the most credible or accurate information. When I google for something, I think that I am searching the entire internet for the most useful information. I am surprised tonight to find out that Google, my favorite search engine is using it’s own index of returning links. By habit,  I normally focus on reading only the first page of results.  It has definitely made me a little more cautious regarding the information that I am receiving. I still love and use Google. It’s fast and user friendly but I will validate the data by using other search engines or use advanced search features like entering years or exact key terms.


I don’t get Inanimate Alice, do you?

I watched Inanimate Alice and I couldn’t get into it. Maybe I was too inpatient or just not giving it a chance. Watched the first episode. I kept clicking and more  clicking to speed it up. It didn’t speed it up in fact it took me back and I had to start over again. Oops checked, was watching and viewing it in Chrome. Recalled that I had to watch via Firefox. Watched it again.  Yay, it now works. I am freaked out about how dark and scary the story was!! Probably because of the use of only dark images, scary music and short text. In the first episode, Alice is 8 years old. She’s worried about her missing Dad and so is her Mom. They go out and try to find him. She hears a “voice” in her heard that tells her where to go and find him. Voices in the head is kinda creepy.

Onto the next Episode, Italy. The first thing she says, she lost both parents implying to the viewer that they are dead.  Oops, not dead at all but lost. Then more scary music comes on, and the window looks out to a dark and scary night. She wants them to come back but they haven’t. It’s a kid’s worse nightmare! It ended ok but it was almost like being in a video game where CPS was never called.  I have young kids and I can tell you that mine would have nightmares. Maybe it’s geared for older kids that can handle lost parents, learn about different countries, solve silly puzzles and listen to creepy music. It would be absolutely great if older kids can develop and customize a story for Alice with a happier ending where Mom and Dad works from home. For some kids, these episodes could be educational but parents should definitely review it beforehand.

scary movie

Guilty of texting while driving!

Rheingold mentions that in a 2003 study, cell phone distractions caused 2,600 automobile deaths and 330,000 accidents. According to this site, in 2011, 1.3 million car accidents were due to cell phone usage.  It was such an issue that our state was the first state to ban texting in 2007. The first chapter of our book, Net Smart, reminds me how little distractions such as using a cellphone can cause life and death situations. It could be due to our obsession with our phones and wanting to be connected to our devices. This was a sad story last month in San Diego regarding someone being distracted by their cell phone and falling to his death. Yes, I have been guilty of burning food while being on Facebook, texting while driving and inviting friends to hang out but spending more time on my phones than talking to them.  Been lucky so far but I am sure, my luck will run out. From now on, I pledge to be more mindful of time on FB, no texting while driving and also to spend quality time conversing with friends and family. cell phone


Twitter cheat sheet for a newbie like me!

I have ignored the power of Twitter for all these years! While I had a twitter account I never really actively use it. In fact, to be honest, I actually created a long time ago with the sole purpose to “follow” an ex-boyfriend from years ago!  I was actually snooping and digging for information. Unfortunately it was a dead end because I didn’t know how to use its Search function. Just came across this article in one of our collection of bookmarks. It provides really valuable and helpful suggestions on how to use the Search function in Twitter. Here are my favorite ones.

  1. If you want to search tweets by a certain person, use from: ____ , example if I only want to search for tweets from Russell Wilson.  from:DangeRussWilson . It works!!!!  YOu can also use to:DangeRussWilson for tweets that were sent to that person.
  2. Search for certain words or phrase by putting it in quotes “Seattle food” brings up tweets with those words.
  3. Use near: to search for tweets in a specific location. For example, if you type “homes near:seattle” in search, it will return the the word “homes” in tweets in Seattle area.

You can read more here.    Please feel free to share any helpful Twitter tips. Still trying to track the ex-boyfriend down via Twitter.

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Let’s talk baseball!


While the entire city is talking about that awesome Seahawks win against the Vikings, they might have missed the news that Ken Griffey Jr was voted in the baseball Hall of Fame. Yes, I was in awe of him!  Watching him played when he was with the Mariners was actually alot of fun!  The Space Needle actually flew a flag with his number, 24 when they announced it. Here’s a great story about him in the Seattle Times.  This is me with him at a fundraising dinner in July of this year. Even though he was chatting with other folks for hours, he was gracious enough to make sure that everyone including me got to talk to him and take a pic. Thank you for those great memories!